Happy 2015! 

We wish everyone a great 2015!!  We are off to write more material and work on our next release!!  We are excited to be creating more metal to share with everyone and look forward to bringing everyone a new and improved live show!

Please take a look at our Store page as we have updated merchandise.  We are also accepting donations from those of you that wish to help us record our next project.  Any amount helps as recording costs can add up quickly.

Thank you!

Final Show for 2014 

We are pleased to announce that we will be closing out 2014 with a huge gig with none other than Michael Angelo Batio on December 27th.  Batio is a guitar prodigy known for playing multiple guitars at once.  We will be taking stage as part of the Shredmaster Series brought to you by Dean Guitars and Corsone Entertainment.  Stay tuned for more information about tickets and times as it becomes available!

Winter 2014 

Another Black Hour is in the process of writing new material for their next upcoming album release.  Stay connected to our website for possible shows and maybe some preview tracks as they become available!

We had a killer show lineup for 2014!  We played with some great bands, both national and local acts, and at some amazing venues.  All of you that came out to support us for the 2014 run, we thank you!  We had a great turnout from our fan base for several shows and we were honored to be able to perform in front of all of you.

Custom ABH Guitar Picks 

We are pleased to announce an endorsement by Steve Clayton Guitar Picks!  ABH proudly uses its own custom Clayton guitar picks during each practice and show.  These picks are also available in our store for purchase.  Be sure to check out our endorsements page for the link to Clayton Guitar Picks.